Why Section 8 Works

Rent Is Transferred Automatically To The Account Of Your Choice

With Section 8 Housing, we as home owners go through a rigorous screening process and inspection. Our reward is, rent payed by the housing authority like clockwork to the account of our choice.

Better Tenants and Longer Occupancy

Believe it or not, Section 8 tenants are typically better for your home. They have strict standards to abide by or they lose their status for housing. We not only screen them, but so does the housing authority. This is an extra layer of assurance of good house keeping.

Homes Are Better Cared For

If you have been in the rental market like us, you know, no matter what market it is, high end or affordable housing. Tenants just don’t take care of the homes. Since the housing authority regularly inspects the homes. The tenants are required to take better care of the homes and keep them in good order

Best Way To Achieve Passive Income

Section 8 Housing is about the best way to assure your monthly cash flow. With Section 8, the tenants are carefully screened and the Housing Authority pays the homeowner monthly. The payments are direct deposited like clockwork. All you have to do, is sit back and enjoy the steady cash flow.

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