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Frequently Asked Questions

We look for properties in markets that have a high demand for low cost rentals. We carefully review the properties to make sure we can fully renovate them to deliver the best rental value for our tenants and the highest return for our owners.

As an Example, we start at one duplex for $39,900 with two (2) rental doors and offer a second one for $35,900 making it a total of four (4) doors. Our Multi-home and tenant rental packages offer the best protection from loss of income in any one month due to vacancy.

As part of the package we handle all the maintenance and compliance of the homes.

The Properties are located in Pennsylvania and coming soon in Jacksonville Florida.

We handle all the eviction processes and related expenses.

We own all of our properties free and clear. We give you the contact number to check with the local county to verify our ownership and the absence of any liens. You may choose to conduct your own title search and receive a general warranty deed or apply for title insurance in closing with a local title company.

We accept certified funds or wire transfers. You may also purchase using your IRA or 401K plan.

Since many of the tenants are in a subsidized program, the rent is typically transferred into the account of your choice via EFT.

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