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All of our Turnkey, Done For You homes are available starting at only $20,000 per door. The homes we purchase are typically in “blue collar” areas (not slums) consisting of a majority of retail, factory or other industrial worker jobs. Our properties are priced for rental at the lower end of the market and provide the highest quality of living for that rent.
Virtually anybody with a minimum wage job or even disability income can afford our rent

How Can We Offer Such A Program?

Our Many Years of Real Estate experience have taught us that people always need a place to live. Real Estate always has ups and downs. In down markets, the highest priced properties get hurt the most. We price our properties so that even someone on minimum wage can afford our rent. Therefore, it is less likely that we get hurt if prices drop or markets crash like markets have in the past. Like any investment, Real Estate has risk but we believe we have found a way to minimize that risk in most situations

When buying distressed or vacant properties, we always purchase our properties at the greatest price value. Unlike individual investors who must go out and either do the rehab work themselves or hire high priced renovators, we contract for such a large volume of work that we always pay less for our rehabs

What Is The Real Value Of The Properties?
Our properties will usually appraise at higher values after you purchase them. We continue to see appreciation over the proceeding 5 to 10 years and there after

How Do You Profit?

The biggest reason for our profit can be summed up in one word: Volume. We regularly purchase multiple properties from local landlords retiring, estates and lenders. We recently bought nineteen (19) properties from one lender in one day. We buy huge amounts of properties at fire sale prices from retiring landlords, banks and lenders who have foreclosed. In most situations the landlords or banks simply do not want to invest the money to bring the properties back up to high standards or to put them on the market.

What Does This Mean For You?

We can offer you properties at or under market pricing.

Current Available Homes

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