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All of our homes start $20,000 per door. Citrona Homes LLC was pleased to celebrate 11 successful years in business march 2018. With a diverse background in Real Estate and 11 years of happy customers, we are only growing and moving forward from here. Our specialty is identifying homes that need a little TLC and making them safe, friendly, livable homes for subsidized or employed self pay clients. We prefer subsidized tenants because our clients get direct deposits for rent without any hassles.

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Our years of successful experience in both rehabbing and managing tenants allow us to offer a fully managed Real Estate purchase.
Our Turnkey approach addresses all the potential problems of rental income investing that novice or individual investors face.
The Purchase and experience of rehabbing over 400 properties over 20 plus years has taught us many valuable lessons that have helped us refine the business of Real Estate Income Investing. We have mastered the art of rehabbing homes so you can benefit.
The power of rental income is one of the most secure investment options you can choose if you have the right partner to help you guide your way .

Our Expertise


Subsidized Housing

Subsidized tenants have many advantages. Here are just a few:
– Consistent Rent Payment by an agency or Government,
– Targeted Marketing,
– Consistent Tenant Base and most importantly;
– Pre-Screened Tenants


Home Renovations

When it comes to home renovations, we feel strongly, no one does it better then us. We know what to do and in what order allowing us to do repairs and renovations at a fraction of the cost while maintaining top quality craftsmanship

Tenant Placement

Tenant placement is not only accomplished from years of experience but is also an art. When dealing with subsidized tenants, you need to know how to evaluate their housing goals and make sure they align with your rental goals .Although we are very much an equal housing opportunity provider, we are cautious. We know what to look for and when the fit is proper for one of our homes


Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is of great importance and where most landlords fall down. Who wants to fix a clogged toilet at 2AM? That is what we do. We both maintain the home and keep the tenants happy with expedient repairs

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